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Your Ambassador

Tina in Real Life

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Can beautiful jewelry make a difference?

Yes, it can! Noonday captured me four years ago and it took me that long to make the leap to become an ambassador. So many things led up to this but the basics are that I lived in Uganda for a year in high school (at an orphanage where my parents were serving as short-term missionaries) and the country and the people drew me in. Fast forward more than a decade and I went to my first Noonday party where I fell in love with the Ugandan jewelry and the story of the company. Skip ahead four more years and I found myself on a new adventure - a mommy "fashion blogger" sharing affordable and flattering fashion with a growing community of followers. Jewelry is a huge part of fashion which brings me to being an ambassador! I have some clear goals with this that you can read more about on my blog! www.tinainreal.life

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